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Why Oh Why? 🤨


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4 hours ago, vickiespencer said:

Today I reported the first 15 I saw

I used to report them too, but when I saw that the current forum team is ready to hush anyone, who says that something is wrong, I decided not to help them. 

They transformed this forum into a swamp. And instead of allocating warnings, maybe it's time to make something more relevant?

And I can clearly see that all good authors decided to quit, since there's no reason to be a part of it. Furthermore, yesterday I saw that people, who post useful things, need to wait 24 hours before they can do it. 

When I first joined this Forum, I learned a lot of new things as a seller, I had an argument with hanshuber about deadlines, and I really changed my behavior as a seller. 

One thing I really hope is that Fiverr is a giant company, and sooner or later they will see that Forum is broken in all ways. 

Another funny thing is that the current team reads all these messages, but never answers, and never communicates with members. 

Can we have a clear answer? Is it going to be like that forever? 

It's NOVEMBER (!) already. I think there was enough time from July to make things better.

Uff... I am done  😁

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10 minutes ago, vickiespencer said:

Now there is a blast from the past! I wonder if he is even still on Fiverr? 🤔

He was last seen on the forum in February of last year, but his Fiverr account is still active, although with his gig paused since 2019.

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