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Fiverr protect seller


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I’ve ordered ui/ux design on 26th October. Seller requested extension until 30th October. 
Order was not delivered on 30th October. I have raised an issue but fiver customer service is protecting seller. They refuse to cancel my order as client has delivered order on 31th October. 
You guys are wasting time and money. Never work with you again. 
I lost my biggest client because of this. 

If you are new to Fiverr, never think about twice. Run away now.


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Hi there,

It is an Unfortunate experience yet bad Advice.!

Well, for sure this seller must get minus points for late delivery and warnings. Might be weakness of communication led to this.

but if both of you are in a different time zone that might also be a reason for this.

Anyway, Not All sellers are the same. And there are plenty of happy buyers with the service of Fiverr and their sellers. 

God bless.✌️

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