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12 hours ago, samirulgs20 said:

I have got a order in fiverr , but my gig impression is down day by day. First one: how to increase my gig impression. Second one: how to get an order without sending buyer requests. Third One: How to make a successful carrier on Fiverr.

Thank you


Hi Samir,

Hope everything is good. You'll get all answers you required here. First of all, you need to know what is an impression? The impression is when any user browses the Fiverr app your gig comes in front of him and you'll get one impression. To increase the impressions you need to have different types of gigs in different categories, as a new seller, you can publish 7 gigs. Optimize your whole gig, like title, check the keyword density of the gig description, use 5 tags carefully, use keywords in FAQ as well, use gig video to get 200% gig visibility, use high-quality images and pdf. It'll help to get more impressions.

One last thing to say, stay online respond to your buyers instantly.

Thank you so much.

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