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Buyer Get's Banned From The Platform & Reaches Out. What Would You Do?


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I may get in a lot of trouble for this, but hindsight is 20/20.

I had a buyer recently who was one of my top best repeat clients. Always paid well, always tipped generously, and was such a pleasant individual.

But apparently Fiverr was having another one of it's episodes and accidentally banned and deleted this persons account. They tried to reach out to fix things but to no avail. And they didn't want to create a separate account because they knew it was against the terms of service. (Which if you ask me is completely justified because they're account got deleted on accident, but whatever. The nobles ones are always the first to go).

Now for the sake of self-preservation, I will neither confirm not deny if this next part of the story is true or a complete fabrication of my imagination (you can't prove or pin anything on me since I legit have a creative writing gig), but if the seller reaches out to you asking if to continue business with them is a breach of Fiverr's TOS, what would you say and would you accept an offer to work with them?

On one hand, they are legally no longer a buyer of the platform, hence you are free to do business as you see fit.

On the other hand, you met them through Fiverr, so it IS a little iffy to continue business with them without Fiverr taking their cut.

I've had it beaten into my head not to interact with buyers off platform that the very idea of it scares me. Because Fiverr provides me security and assurance that I get paid, and I have a safe and stable environment to meet clients and promote my job on a steady regular. (The amount of buyers who try to coerce you off this platform to do business is ridiculous).

The only reason why I feel this isn't such a bad thing is because when I first joined Fiverr 2 years ago (waw, I feel old), there was a guy in the forums talking about how he uses this website to build his client list. And tries to redirect buys to his website where they'd get better deals, and how several other people (at the time) talked about employing similar tactics and or would copy the main guy's strategy.

I assume he's no longer around, because I don't think Fiverr would've liked that business practice. I guess in his head he thought Fiverr was just an extension of his business reach? Treated this place sort of like an advertising platform?

Anyway, I look forward to reading your comments. Even though my mental health goes down 20% every time I make a forum post.

(Also, for the sake of context and clarity, 20% of this whole thing is made up, a lie, or over exaggeration. Have a great day! 💕)

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Taking 20% of your mental health is in the TOS. You HAVE read the TOS right? 😉 (kidding and I totally understand)

Like you I am religious about keeping my business here because it's reeeallly important to me, but in a completely hypothetical situation where FIverr no longer wanted to take someone's money I can't imagine it would keep me from doing the same.

My personal website actually directs customers HERE because I love not having to deal with the payment processing side of things. I ALWAYS want to work through Fiverr if I can. But if Fiverr has decided it doesn't want someone's money I still want it, especially if I already know they're great to work with. In a completely hypothetical situation, obviously.

Do you know for sure WHY they were banned? It might make a difference.


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