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19 hours ago, joshnadin said:

No. Not at all.

Why is staying online important?

Buyers don't want to choose a seller because they're online. 99% of sellers do not use the 'show online seller' toggle when looking for a Gig.
What buyers want, is a Gig and a seller that meets their needs, has a great portfolio and is credible, can communicate effectively, and a number of other factors. They don't just pick a seller because 'Hey, this guy is online so I'll choose them'.

The only time I am ever 'online', is when I'm replying to messages, delivering orders, or actively doing something that requires me to be on Fiverr for an order. My order queue is full the majority of the time. The same applies for the majority of long term, successful sellers.

Being online doesn't affect how your Gig performs either, so has absolutely no benefit to anyone.

Of course, be pro-active and message buyers back as soon as humanly possible when there is a need to do so. By this I also do not mean wake up in the middle of the night panicking that it's not okay to just get back to them in the morning. But if you think sitting in front of your computer for the sake of 'being online' is going to do anything other than make you frustrated, it's delusional. 


14 hours ago, shahadat32 said:

Take care the old account create new gig and request buyer 10 dily

have you got any orders from buyer requests?

You have done 6 orders in almost two years, so you should not tell him what to do, and try to improve your gig. As i see sending buyer requests daily 10x havent got you even 10 orders in 24 month 😄

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