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Someone copied my entire description of gig...if I report his gig for copyrights violations by providing URL of my gig..will it effect my account/gig too by any means?


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7 hours ago, fjstudio said:

So I wanted to ask that someone  copied my gig description although thumbnail pictures are different so if I report his gig for copyrights violation will it effect my accont too or I can report without any fear? 


Fiverr can easily find out which description came later, whichever is late is gonna receive a warning. 

I had a similar issue back in 2019, I reported and they told me, they cross verified it and other guy updated new bio 3 months back, while mine was 17 months old, they didn't tell me what action they're going to take, all I saw was a new bio on his profile, so I assumed it must be a warning. 😝 

Many times this tactic is practiced by new sellers or people with almost zero writing skills, they believe your description is attractive and can attract sales, another option is, you can contact the Seller by yourself telling him/her that you're reporting this to the CS, he/she will update it in no time. 

Rest assured, you're safe.


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