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Don't getting order


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Promoted Gig are the best way to generate more sales, and clients, so if you're facing to loosing the gig rank down after using that, that means you getting bad feedback on the buyerr hidden feedback, 

so make sure, to satisfy the buyerr and when the buyerr comes with click your promoted gig, try to taken the projects..... 

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Did you tried to edit the gig in this period?
If not then click on edit gig and check if there is any update required.

Also, after reviewing your profile the points I noted:

  • You can make the gig title more minimal by targeting the keyword obviously.
  • Review your gig description if there is more better option to follow SEO system.
  • Most importantly I believe you need to increase the gig price. Why? You can read more details at 
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19 hours ago, farhan_j said:

There is no order for long time, is it for month of December?



If you are a new seller, then give good quality gigs on your profile. Use good tags according to your target and gig category. Give a clean and clear gig description. Hope you get the order

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On 12/13/2023 at 3:23 AM, farhan_j said:

I am not getting new order in months December. What actual reason?

The following review has badly affected your gigs. That buyer have left you negative public review so private review would be the same too means "negative private review". 


Your BSR and Performance scores seems to be dropped too because of this and other reviews (4*) and your gigs might be temporarily removed from the search results. So try to improve your services and deliver quality work to make your buyers happy. It will take 3-6 months to get recovered from the effects of those reviews.

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