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Seller was supended in middle of project. Should I ask for a refund on first order?


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      Hi guys. I ordered an order for a project which was divided into 4 orders. Today seller delivered 2nd order but his account was suspended. I couldn't chat with him in inbox because of this reason since many days but was able to communicate on order page. I think seller knew about this but he didn't tell me because he knew I would ask for a refund. I realized after order was delivered that his account was suspended. My guess is that he purposely didn't go for milestone route because ordering separately leads to more reviews.

      I lost more than 750 dollars but was able to get a refund for 400 dollars for the second order. He did work on front end for the first order and send me a link but both orders are useless without complete work. I don't have complete access to that work so basically a new developer will have to work from beginning. He used his email in chat, asked about rating and delivered empty 1st project and second one was a video about his work. This could be one of the causes of his suspension. I lost 350 dollars on the first order. Should I ask for a refund on the first order?

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