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I want to recreate as I have no orders but two cancel orders which has affected my profile. So can I recreate it by the same email address after deactivating my current account???


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What a gigantic overreaction to having two cancellations. 😵 But I guess I shouldn't be surprised what with how many new sellers don't hold any regard or value for their accounts.

Cancellations are not like reviews. Reviews are permanently on your profile and will always affect your total average rating. Cancellations eventually do not affect your profile stats but will negatively impact your analytics/visibility for a period of time.


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Okay, let's be very practical here.

What's the guarantee that you will get orders on your new account, and there will be no cancellations or ups & downs? "Account" is just a dead & non-living thing. Who's running the account and making decisions? YOU and ONLY YOU.

You're running this account, and only you will be the person who will run the new account. It's the same person. There's no difference. If there are cancellations on this account, I am sure there may also be cancellations in the new account.

If you need a change, then change yourself and your techniques, not your account. Learn from your mistakes and understand why there're cancellations. If not today, not tomorrow, but after 60 days, your Order cancellation rate will be recovered to 100%.

My experience :

Just a few days ago, I had three cancellations in a row (three orders were active at a time from the same buyer). Even I lose my Level 1 badge because of the drop in Order cancellation rate. But that doesn't mean that I will leave the platform or create a new account. I learned from my mistake that never place multiple orders with the same buyer because you will be in a lot of mess if anything goes wrong in any one order. Likely, learn from your mistakes and work on them.

Conclusion :

These two cancellations are just a temporary thing, and after some time, your Order cancellation rate will be recovered, and your analytics will also be going up. But creating a new account and starting from 'zero' is a lot of headaches. And most likely, at the starting of the new account, there will be no orders. So, it is better to continue running your current account instead creating a new one (just because you had two cancellations).

Always treat your account/business like your baby. 

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