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If you order for a design gig, it's not your right to get the source file also


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Hi Folks,

I got an order from a buyer about a day ago. And according to my gig description, I promised to deliver at least 2 different logos in which the buyer can choose from and maybe keep the other.

This buyer specifically requested for two designs. One with a magnifying glass and the other with a map.

I did a good job which he testified to when it was delivered.

Can you believe what he requested for? The source file(psd version). I politely told him to get it for an extra $5 and the next thing he said was that since I did not say in my description that the psd version goes for an extra charge, then he must have it by any means.

He even said if I gave him the psd version, he would drop a good review because the job was excellent but if i refused, then he would request for a refund.

Now my question is “Did I do something wrong here?” Because in all my years of designing, I have never given a client the source file along with the jpeg or png version without an extra charge for the psd version. Because normally, a client has no business with the psd version. If he/she needs a modification, he/she just needs to say so and the job is done.

One more question guys: What do you I think I should do here. Give him a refund or give him the psd version without any extra charge?

Please your comment is highly appreciated.



Sheriff’s Note: Moved to Fiverr FAQS.

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logo_house said: "Did I do something wrong here?"

Hi and welcome.


You are responsible for clearly and effectively explaining what your offer is and exactly what the Buyer gets. If you don't it leads to arguments and you'll never win an argument with a customer.


Until you Level Up and add Extras, your offer should say (for example)...


"Here's what you get. Two copies of the logo. One in full color and one in black, both in high quality jpg format, sized for your web site. If you require another format such as png or psd for print or other media, I can do that for an additional gig for $5."


logo_house said: What do you I think I should do here. Give him a refund or give him the psd version without any extra charge?

For this one, I would give him the psd, get your good review and move on. Consider this a part of learning how Fiverr works.


Good luck!

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Keep in mind your the supposed professional. The buyer, isn’t. The buyer may make assumption, which right or wrong, are correct if you don’t educate him otherwise. I personally ALWAYS ask for the psd file and I request all my images be created in 300dpi. This way I can change sizes or do other things which I may need done with the graphics.

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