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Seller account suspended. Stomach in knots. What can I do?


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Dear all,

Thank you for reading about my case.

I am entirely dependent on Fiverr to pay for rent and student loan debt.

My account was recently suspended because of this gig:

"I will help you edit, revise, and craft a recommendation letter."

Fiverr flagged it as violating the Terms of Service because they believe I am offering to do someone else's academic work for them. However, I made it clear in my gig description the two kinds of clients I would serve:

1) A person who is writing a recommendation letter for the first time and needs help revising it (the first time I ever wrote one, it took me two weeks of editing nearly every day, and I am sure I could have used the help).

2) A student who was asked by a busy supervisor or professor to draft his or her own recommendation letter, which is in fact permitted and widely practiced (https://www.shemmassianconsulting.com/blog/how-to-write-your-own-letter-of-recommendation-for-medical-school).

Furthermore, I made it clear in the FAQ that I will not forge a recommendation letter. I said that I would do one only if the client had the proper permissions to do so. 

My account is currently suspended while it's undergoing a review. 

My stomach is in knots. I cannot wait another 90 days for the review to be completed - I have rent to pay and student loans piling up. 

I sent the customer support team a message explaining my gig and begging for another chance. If there is too much ambiguity in this gig, I simply won't offer it anymore. 

I saw that someone had their banned account restored earlier today. Is there any way for me to appeal my case to the team?


Thank you so much! 


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