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No new orders since few weeks



Dear All,
Trust you guys are well and enjoying good health.

I created a Fiverr account in December 2020 and from the day one I tried really hard to get the order and finally in last month I fulfilled 4 orders in 2 weeks. Perhaps now impressions are declining side, I am getting no clicks and off-course no orders. What should I do so the impressions and clicks boost again and I get orders again.
if anyone can suggest a good strategy that will be huge favor.

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"...But we also know that great people prove themselves in tough times, not easy ones."

If I told you 'there is no "good strategy", just hard work' would you take that as reason to change, or ignore it and just keep doing what you're doing (which clearly isn't working).


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Staying active on Fiverr is good. Being online will attract buyers as they are likely to get a quicker reply. Check out the buyer request section as well, you can send upto 20 requests a day, and once you get one order, it should boost your impressions!

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