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My account is under reviewed by Fiverr trusted and safety team


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Hi. My name is Tommy and I’m from the “Department of Tommy’s That Need Money and Development” team. 

We’re sorry that so many of you are experiencing account difficulty. We know that account mishaps can be frustrating. 

For this reason, we’ve created a department designed with your best interest in mind. 

By “your” I mean, like, specifically you. You, you. Actually, we sorta dig you. Not in a weird way or anything. We just like to watch. 

Do you like to be watched? 

Our team maintains a list of people that are worthy of some additional attention. You’ll be glad to know that each of you have made the list. We call this list the “What to Watch” list. This brought about an entire argument igniting in the boardroom. Half of the members stated issue with the word “what” and were insisting the list was in reference to “who.”The other half passionately defended the idea of “what” as it was the name issued by the marketing fiverrian we’d hired to invent our list name. 

After all, the marketing professional we’d hired was a total pro. It said so, like, right in her title. 

In any event, we periodically conduct sociological experiments with the assorted and unwilling persons on this list. These trials are designed to monitor your reactions to sudden stress factors. I’m glad to report - you’ve all passed. 

With your success in mind, I’m pleased to inform you that you may now pay the standard 99 dollar fee to activate your account. Consider it the very purchase that buys “peace of mind.” 

How often do you get that?

It’s cool. You’re welcome. 

I accept a variety of payment methods, payment plans and in the lean months, I may accept K-Cups. 

Please have an active card ready and follow me to my inbox for further instructions. 


Tommy - of the Department of Tommy’s that Need Money and Development Team. 

“There is nothing impossible to they who will try.”
 Alexander the Great


- Warren Zevon

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19 hours ago, usa_musicbuz said:

but I don't violate any rules. Can I get back my account??

You probably just need to wait until they've finished their account review. If you wanted you could contact them at support@fiverr.com but I don't think support will help - you probably just need to wait.

I think you need to be careful of Youtube's terms and Fiverr's when creating gigs about youtube.

eg. in your Youtube promotion one you said "My service is real and you get view as well as followers on your channel and video. ". I don't think you're supposed to say that they will get followers/subscribers (see community standards) - since you don't have full control over whether someone will get followers/subscribers or how many. Promotion is okay though.

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