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When Buyer order a Multiple Gig (2x ~ 8x), why my original time frame not increased?


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I run vectorizing gig on fiverr, this is my 3rd month on fiverr, I already achieved Level 2.

My problem is when buyer order multiple gig (2x ~ 8x), the amount is multiplied correctly. but the time that take to complete that order not changed.

(ie. My job completion time frame is 2 days, its stayed same when some one order multiple gig.)

I can msg about the time frame to the buyer & most of the time he/she will agree. no problem there.

Problem is, I don’t know how that (Delayed Deliveries) effect my status on fiverr ??

am i the only one does have this type of problem?

It is better to have individual time limits for each gigs(at least for multiple gigs), that both parties can agreed upon order initiate.

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