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Fiverr popularity vs. countries


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OK, so I understand that the US has the largest economy (or, second if you want after China), but with the spread of high speed Internet and access to technology, some countries should be able to at least keep up the pace. Even for the most successful gigs I see only few orders from giants like China or Russia, not to say good old Europe.

Is the language barrier so hard to breach?

Are there local alternatives to Fiverr?

Is the American mentality more suited for looking with confidence at this kind of small jobs?

Is the Fiverr trend at its climax in the US and only at the beginning in other countries?

I will be happy to hear your oppinions regarding this subject!

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Paypal just became available in Russia last autumn, so maybe we’ll see more sales from there. But since English isn’t taught in the schools there as universally as most other countries that trade with western nations, the language barrier may still keep sales low. And although Paypal is available in China, most Chinese use another China-based service. The exchange system is also extremely complicated for individual use, as it would be for sales on Fiverr involving 2 unique parties every time a sale is made. China still controls internet access to the majority of people there. Mostly young urban Chinese could access, navigate and utilize a system like Fiverr.

Another thing to consider is that both these large countries are or were until very recently communist. I’m sure a great mistrust of Western culture and capitalism still exists.

The internet economy is still a new system, only a few decades old. I bet eventually transactions will be easily made anywhere in the world, but not quite yet.

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