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5 days as pass and seller not work on the order



Hello guys 

I really need your help here 

I order job from some seller here about build my Facebook and Instagram business page 5 days ago.

I was suppose to be 3 day delivery, on this 3 days she work 30min that all just 30 min and ask to extend the time for 3 more days. 

Yesterday i talk with her and explain we need to progress and i will be really busy so told her i hope she will work. She do nothing. 

I talked to her today and ask what happened she say she was really sick and couldn't find time to do that, so today i say ok let's work today Facebook and Instagram logo and banner 

She said ok and until now more then half day she did none.

What can i do in this situation? 


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5 minutes ago, mariashtelle1 said:

If the time will run out your order will get late and after 24 hours you’ll be able to cancel it automatically. 
Or you can reach out to support and ask them to cancel your order as the seller did not deliver anything 

So anyway now i need to wait to time exchang

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