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Fiverr Identity Verification Rejected 3 times.


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Hello, 2 days ago, I received a notification from fiverr to verify my identity, so I did. I uploaded my ID and my selfie.
The problem is when I take picture from my phone, even though the picture taken is very clear but when it is uploaded, it gets dull/dark.
I tried my best so fiverr sees my picture perfectly clearly and it was clear.
But then fiverr rejected it and I got an email that pictures were not clear.
On the second attempt, I took the pictures from my another phone with better camera, applied effects on it to improve its quality to make it more clear.
Just after I upload my images again on second attempt, fiverr instantly rejected my verification the second time again.

Then I opened a ticket, contacted CS about this issue but they couldn't understand my problem. They said just do it the third time, and follow the steps again properly which I was following properly in the first place already.
On the third attempt, pictures I took were again very clear but again, fiverr rejected the identity verification.
Could this be because my picture on my ID looks different when I turned 18? Now I am 21 years old and I have a different beard and hair style. I can go clean shave and shorten my hair to match with ID if that is the issue.
My account is now restricted and I cannot apply for identity verification anymore.
How can someone help me get out of this extremely depressing situation?
I have again contacted CS and updated them about this issue, I hope they reply soon and come up with solution.
Guys, you won't believe how much stressed and crying I am right now.
It's like I am completely alone and helpless right now. 

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The only thing you can do is to wait for their reply. I once had an encounter like yours. Let me not frighten you, but there is a worst-case scenario. You might not be able to access your account again.

What I did was to let them know that I wanted to delete that account. I just deleted it and started all over again.

I hope your case won't be like mine. However, you need to make up your mind for anything.

Finally, wait for their reply


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I know this must be a very frustrating situation and makes you feel quite powerless, but I hope you keep your head up! Contacting CS (and continue contacting them) is the right action you've taken and I'm sure they'll set things right. Sometimes it takes them a few tries to get a situation right (or you just get a better agent whose handling your case with success). 

I'm not sure if this is relevant in this situation, but I remember I was trying to verify my ID on a different site and it would just not work. I tried uploading it literally 20 times and it continuously was rejected. Eventually the problem was apparently that the selfie they request is not just a selfie, but it should be a selfie with you holding the ID. To me their instructions weren't clear and it was only after contacting them I discovered this. But this struggle is probably just due to the fact my brain interprets simple actions very weirdly haha. Anyway, you probably did this correctly and it wasn't on Fiverr I had to do this, but I'm sharing just in case!

Did you ask CS if your beard could be the issue? I'm not an ID verification expert but I reckon it could maybe 'hide' your face and therefore differ from how it's displayed on an ID but it only depends on how immense your beard is. A different hairstyle should definitely not be the issue though, since an ID focuses on facial features. 

Again, keep your head up! I'm sure things will work out eventually ♥

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