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Are we still okay?


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What is going on??? 😆 This is happening way too often!


And it's not only AOL! Norton is also here....... By the way, the Norton spam was 21 hours ago (as of the screencap done a few minutes ago) and still not removed....



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6 minutes ago, enunciator said:

An ardent rule-follower might mention that you cannot call out specific users in threads, but these really aren't users but rather spam bot accounts that are being left unchecked for some reason...

Aye, thanks for the heads up. I edited it out. I want this post to stick around a little longer and question the heck out if ever it does get removed. Unless its hate speech to show our concern about the spam 😆

4 minutes ago, surajkartha said:


I am yet to see a support # for Fiverr account 😅

Put that photo back! You did it right. hahahah I edited mine too. 

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3 hours ago, theratypist said:

What?? Last time I checked @newsmike said the forum is fixed. 😆


3 hours ago, mariashtelle1 said:

Ah yes it is! Everything is going according to the plan. Plan of engagement with spam 😆

Watch out.. as @vovkaslovesnyy pointed out.. "Nothing is coming" 😄

But pssst.. "Nothing is not nothing"... 😄

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7 hours ago, vovkaslovesnyy said:

thing is still unannounced 😥

Well, it is announced now... And I'm happy that nothing (haha) changed (literally). It's just another motivating story. I was afraid of some dramatic changes 😁


Interestingly, nothing (Yes! Nothing) was posted on this forum about it 

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