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Is It Frowned Upon to Increase the Lead Time on Your Express Gig?


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I’m very happy to say that my express gig is going well, the only issue is that I’m a little overwhelmed sometimes and I’ve been thinking about increasing my lead time, which would mean losing my Express Status.

My questions are:

Can you get Express Status back again if you decide to decrease your lead time?

Does Fiverr frown on this at all, i.e. will it affect my chances of exposure or gaining levels?

Has anyone else done this and if so, what were the repercussions?

I appreciate any help I can get!


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I’d be okay with that, I think; if I manage to make Level One I could always add an Express Extra from what I understand, I’m just wondering if there are any disadvantages I hadn’t thought of- I don’t think this is a realistic pace for me to be working at and I’d love to stretch it out a bit but at the same time I don’t want to go down to no business either.

Thank you so much for the response, by the way!

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