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My account was inactive for 2 years, can this fact impact on my newly added gigs and future orders?


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I've added two gigs on my profile but it's more than 2-3 weeks I don't get any order. 

I'm learning tips and trying my best to do my own research about right keywords for SEO and generally everything about improving my gigs, but as you see on my statistics, my gigs are not good enough. How can I improve this? 

Here are my gigs:

  1. https://www.fiverr.com/heythatsmarie/create-professional-and-aesthetic-instagram-canva-templates
  2. https://www.fiverr.com/heythatsmarie/create-impressive-instagram-story-templates


I created my Fiverr profile in 2019 but it was inactive until October 8, 2021. Can this fact impact on my gigs and orders?

Thanks. Have a productive day!🏆🎯



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I was inactive on Fiverr for 1-2 years, when I got back my gigs still found sales eventually... I think you just need to make a few sales then your gig will be picked up by algorithm. Try buyer requests or marketing it... I didn't use buyer requests and marketing, I just naturally got orders but the goal is to get sales again so your gig will perform better in the algorithm... 

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