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I hope you are alright and doing well.

I build a skill of typing. Now i am very curious for my typing work. But unfortunately I can't find any order.

I have made a gig of typing. Here is my gig


Anyone can help me so that i can improve my gig and can get orders. I will be very thankful for you. Thank You in Advance.

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These are my suggestions

Gig: I will write 47 wpm typing job, yours permanent typist
In the basic package title maybe change "Lightering"

In the title "yours permanent typist" might be better as "your permanent typist"

In the profile:
"i will" could be "I will"
In the skills section:
"illustrartor" could be "illustrator"
"typinng" could be "typing"

If you look at the video thumbnails on the profile they're getting cropped too much. You could make it so they don't.

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