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Gig Marketing comparison between sellers


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12 hours ago, ageuroconsultin said:

Hello everyone, I am a level 2 seller who has been operating on Fiverr for several years, having accumulated extensive experience during my time on the platform, closing over 1k of orders successfully. Recently, due to a decrease in impressions and clicks on my services (attributable to gig rotation since my success manager rated my gigs as excellent), I researched and tried different methodologies to evaluate which social media platform was the best to promote your gigs. I did some tests:

- I have shared my primary gig (Business Planning & Market Research service) on specific promotion groups of Fiverr Gigs (I have not posted anything on my profile.)
- I shared my gig through a new Instagram profile explicitly created for my services on Fiverr (I have not published anything on my personal profile.) This profile has about 60 followers collected in about 2 weeks.
- I shared my gig on my Twitter account (about 540 followers.)
- I shared my gig via my LinkedIn profile (150 links.)

I specify that for each post, I used hashtags (except for Facebook groups) to expand the visibility of each post.

Results and Observations:
- Facebook did not give me the expected results by sharing the gig in the groups mentioned above. Perhaps it is appropriate to create a personal specific Facebook page to promote your Fiverr services.
- Instagram was probably the poorest method: the use of hashtags (avoiding hashtags that lead to the shadowban) did not get me visits or likes (only about fifteen). I invested $ 14 in a small targeted advertising campaign and got small results.
- Twitter probably generated very little visibility for me, even using targeted hashtags.
- LinkedIn is probably the platform that has guaranteed me the most success since the day after the post's publication, I always got at least one order on Fiverr.

I should try to create a Facebook page with a targeted campaign to understand its potential as I did on Instagram.

Questions and doubts:
You, as a seller, what marketing techniques and promotional strategy have you tried? In your opinion, which is the most efficient promotion methodology able to guarantee impressions, clicks, and orders?

Hi very interesting, do you use a personal account in Linkedin to promote your gigs, or have to be an exclusive account of your Fiverr account? Thanks!

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