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Pay $5 commission each time that a buying customer is referred to our online store


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Hi Guys,

I have just joined the forum and I am wondering if it is possible to pay people a $5 commission every time they refer a new, buying customer to our website. The money will be paid out after the new customer places an order and pays for it.

In addition to this referral fee I am also willing to pay a 10% commission on all future orders of the customer.

If this is possible is there a way to post this job/gig on fiverr?

Thanks for your help.


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Off-fiverr links aren’t allowed except for specific instances of pointing buyers to view your work, such as Tumblr or YouTube or SoundCloud, but on those sites all information must still direct customers to make purchases or further communications on Fiverr.

Directing customers off-site in any other way will lead to your account being banned.

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