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Fiverr.com is cheating for local bank transfer - BIG SCAM ALERT


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Hi everybody,

While I go to the option to withdraw my fiverr.com revenue balance it says me two option, 1) PayPal , 2 ) Local Bank Transfer (through Payoneer.com). So as per instructions I believe it will be better that the money comes to my bank directly via payoneer, so I applied for Payoneer and it approved me to withdraw funds from " Fiverr" to my payonner account, but the problem arise now when I try to withdraw the funds to local bank transfer it says always " waiting for approval from payoneer" but sincle I have proof that payonner has already approved me to take out money from fiverr.com to my payoneer account so it seems clearly that Fiverr team is cheating & they are trying to keep the little money also with them only.

Here I am providing you the proof of the email snapshot where payoneer describes that they already approved me for Fiverr.com withdrawal since april 12, 2014.

So after this message also if they behave like same without resolving the issue then it means clear that they only need to eat people money.

Be aware of using it & be ready that your money could be fiverr’s forever.


Abhirup Ghosh

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From payoneer It’s approved see this both attchments.

from my fiverr snapshot & payoneer snapshot people can understand it clear.


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How long has it been? When customer support is very busy, you may not hear back from them for days. Don’t open new tickets or you’ll just delay the process even more. Once you’ve opened a CS ticket, you can continue to communicate with them using the ticket number in the email heading.

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