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I am new Seller on Fiverr, How to get my first order ?


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4 hours ago, ala1234562 said:

Try 24 hours Active in Fiver. Send Buyer request.

Staying active 24/7 wont help much if you dont know what you are doing mate. If things are not working right, that means your way of doing the work is not right!!! Not even 10 buyer request wont help you if you send trash, meaningless buyer request. Its the fact.
If things are not going as per your plan, go out and find a different demography where you can sell your work or may be try new works and skills. But staying in one place and pray for the best wont help you any way. So go out, find way of working


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8 hours ago, pchakrabortty said:

Patience is the key in the field of freelancing

So you have to be very patient. In the mean time let me give you some tips that may help you to get your first orders.

  • Send your buyer request daily. I know this tip is given by everyone but  let me tell you something. Sending buyer request properly, making it stand out from others request is a quality of a good freelancer. Try to make your buyer request full of information about what you can do for your client to fulfill that project; not who are you and what is your experience because remember when you will work on the project, buyer will automatically understand your experience and how efficient you are. So make your buyer request straight and informative about what will be your work module to perform the project.
  • If grabbing buyers from fiverr is hard; try to catch buyer from outside of fiverr. Use Social Media as a tool for getting new buyer. Believe it or not, I got my very first client from social media, not from fiverr.  
  • Go to various Q&A sites, answer problems over there, make a good impression. and while solving problems, leave your fiverr link over there and quote like "hey, if you need further help, you can contact me here anytime". So, if that person find your answer helpful, he/she might connect with you in future through your link and it will create a high possibility to get more orders.

But in the end of the day, patience is everything. No matter what is your profession you are in, what kind of job you do, patience and honesty is the key to success. 

I wish you a very best of luck. Hope this tips will help you to get your very first order.
Good luck

God Speed.


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1. do marketing of your gig on social media.

2. must send 10 buyer requests in a day.

3. buyer request should be attractive and effective.

4. keep online as much as you can.

5. do sourcing for buyer from social media and get them on fiverr.

6. make 7 gigs 

7. most importantly, keep patient. Hope you will get order soon.

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