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According to my experience,

  • Make your profile/gigs professional and take some tests according to your skill. 
  • Create low competitive keywords gigs sot that it's a high chance to get orders early.
  • Please send 10 free buyer requests every day and make sure the text of the buyer request converting. 
  • Active online as much as possible.
  • Do proper social media marketing of your gigs.

Finally, Keep patience because it's need time to get the first order as a new seller. 

Thank you! 

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Guest freelancerjabir
On 10/24/2021 at 5:27 PM, civilbappy said:

Please try to gig marketing on Quora. It will help you a lot. Quora is a Q/A site. You need to answer to relevant questions to get quality traffic , If you are lucky then You can get orders from there

Nowdays, quora is not a good platform for gig marketing because quora blocks fiverr links / gigs to do marketing there

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On 11/2/2021 at 12:34 PM, eranga20 said:


The problem with that video is that it's about Google supporting image Metadata. Fiverr has shown signs in the past that it does not support image Metadata, and therefore does not matter within Fiverr (the video stated as much at 6:08-7:20). Yes, it's possible that's changed, but based on Fiverr's history, it's highly unlikely any time soon (time scale of years).

If anyone in the Seller Plus program is willing to ask their Success Manager about this, and if it's something they can share with the masses, by all means I'm willing to stand corrected.

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