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Scams, scams and Royal Families?


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Today was a new one for me. 

First off, the amount of scammers that contact me is... STUPID! At least 1 - 3 a day requesting an odd array of things, odd payment requests etc. 

Todays one really takes the cake though. I was contacted by an obvious scam account. Made this month and sent a sketchy looking document with requests. 
I don't do the art type they wanted and they definitely didn't take it all that well. But apparently, I would be working for a member of a ROYAL FAMILY! They even state this in a sketchy document and gave out his personal snapchat? As you do to a complete stranger. 

Naturally, my friends and I couldn't resist dropping a message to this strangers snapchat. He was then offering $5k for me to do one photo... RIGHT... Ok... That's a leap from $100 offered at first... When I also refused... he pilled on the insults and started lecturing me about his life as a Prince and how much better he was than me.

Blocked and reported all the accounts ETC. I'm mainly uploading this for others to keep an eye out. AVOID! AVOID! AVOID!


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