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Fiverr vacation mode



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I have turned off my gigs (paused them) and set my queue limit to 0, so that people can't place orders. I have only done this for a maximum of 5 days but it didn't harm my ranking or sales when I came back and allowed me to take a small break. Perhaps instead of turning everything off, you could limit your orders to just 1, and increase your delivery time. That way, you can continue to maintain your profile a little bit and not lose any progress. Otherwise, a month is a long time to not get any orders, since your stats reset every 60 days, so nothing for 30 days could lower all your stats.

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Guest lloydsolutions
On 10/23/2021 at 6:29 PM, ebrahimkhali991 said:

Please let me know if I lose my gig's rank if I start vacation? Please let me know if my gig stays in the same place for a month.

Once I become unavailable, will my Gig disappear from search?

Yes, your Gig will be temporarily removed from the search. Once you become available again, your Gigs will reappear.

Does becoming unavailable affect my Gig ranking?

This is dependent on the duration of your unavailability. The longer you are not available, the higher the chances for your Gigs to lose ranking, as they will not perform like other active Gigs are performing.

The above is from here:  (Availability)

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