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Hello, 😄

I have just joined fiverr.com and am looking around a bit. I mainly specialize in design for notebooks and t-shirts. But I would also do some other jobs. I like to take on new challenges.

My question is whether I can only create "gigs", or is there also a way that customers can share what they want and then I can choose from it?

For example:

Usually the seller writes: "I will design a flyer for you."

Is there also a page where buyers can write that they are looking for someone to design a flyer?

This would make things a lot easier for me, because this way I can contact people directly and don´t have to wait till somebody discovers me. I just want to know if this option does exist and if yes, where can I find it. 

Alternatively, if you know of one of these groups where buyers can post requests in a group and sellers can then apply, it would be very nice if you could let me know.

Thank you for your time.

I hope you all stay safe and have a good time 😀


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