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Gig impressions getting low suddenly , Can anyone know why ?


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Greetings ,

I'm new seller at Fiverr. I published 1 gig 10 days ago and another one gig 2 days ago but recently both gig impressions got low . There impressions wasn't that much from start . It were getting 100 impressions on a day but now its getting 12 or 20 . If any one knows please let me know.

Thank You.image.png.c54449d423c4ee59710821b932e174e0.png

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19 minutes ago, oskars25 said:

I have completed over 500 video edits, from 50 000 impressions a week it droped to 70. Its all around, 

And your niche have up to 100 000 gigs, so it has to do alot also with that.

This is quite unnatural, when it was 50,000 impression a week and it dropped to 70.

My impression was over 15k before I started promoted gig and since I started it, it dropped to below 3k (a week). Despite having more order since I became a level two but my impression is on new lows.

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