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How to get first order

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There is no way to get it as soon as possible, make sure your gigs are written  good, have good gig, GIG is like your CV, bad cv will not gonna give you work, same applies for Working here.

You have to make customer know you are better than somebody else (maybe) that brings you sales, but to get sales you need to have sort of decent price compared to what you are capable with,.#

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There is no shortcut to success in Fiverr. You need to stick with it and keep your eyes on Buyer Request and try to improve your Gig Image. Also, don't forget to share your gigs on other social media platforms. But, It's my humble request that please don't spam your gigs because It may damage your Fiverr account. 


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Guest tamimh1114
2 hours ago, husnearasarkar said:

Hi, I am a new seller in Fiverr. How can I get first order as soon as possible?

Make your gig perfect, stay online and send buyer request regularly. Don't try to give up. I hope you will get your first order soon.

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How to get fast orders on Fiverr?
There are no such tips or videos where you can get orders quickly on Fiber and you will not get orders so easily on Fiverr. However, if you consider some aspects, you may be able to order quickly.
Just like it takes 3-6 months to learn a job in a subject, it takes 1/2 month to get a job in fiber, but it takes 7 days for someone to do it again.
You can apply some topics
If you work with design, you will do 2/3 gig on the design, but change the title and description of the gig a little bit, let's get good results.
By posting the job at the specified time on Fiverr, you are also ready at that time, you will send your proposal as soon as the buyer requests. And yes, if the buyer request is good, you are more likely to get the job, so you do a little Google study on this subject, to which I will send the buyer request.
First, try to keep the prize a little lower with a small gig. Then the best is for you
And in the image of Ha Gig, you will give a good picture of your gig with your picture, because the buyer believes when he sees the picture of Gig.
Above all, do a little a-z analysis of what the competitors are giggling about and hopefully, you will reach your desired goal.

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