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Help pls... Seller activated "Delivered" but did not deliver website?




I am new to Fiverr and need some help please. 2 weeks ago I placed an order for a website but on the 19th this month the designer stated that he has delivered it on the fiverr system but he did not provide a link to it (only submitted a screenshot of the coming soon landing page) and he wanted a zoom call to review it instead... He cancelled the zoom call the next day. I don't know if I am getting my website or not and I have paid? Does Fiverr pay the seller upfront? - it is in revision stage now but I still didn't receive anything.

for info... the timeline of events is below which I sent as a message to him and still waiting on a reply.



10 Oct – Order was placed

10 Oct - Order started

10 Oct - delivery date was updated to 17 October

14 Oct – You advised “Yes almost done, will be sending something to look at today”.
But you did not send anything.

16 Oct - You advised “I am 50% done. I will integrate it probably will send you something to look at otherwise tomorrow for comments.
Again you did not send anything.

17 Oct – You Extended the Delivery Due Date by 2 days to allow you time to compile photos and test out everything before it is published?

19 Oct – You stated you “delivered the order. The full site is complete. You did not make it live. You wanted a zoom call. You only provided a screenshot of a landing page stating “Site is coming soon”.
You did not deliver the order.

20 Oct - You cancelled my invite for a zoom call and advised you will make a video.
I did not receive a video.

20 Oct – You advised you are having personal issues but will send me the link to the website that night before you sleep.
I did not receive anything.

21 Oct, 0:11 – I logged onto my domain name myself and this was the first time I saw the website as you were testing it at the time.
The website I noticed was just like a template nothing was done

21 Oct – After this is the first time you told me about you giving the work to someone else and they broke it.
You provided a “about me” screenshot showing progress.

23 Oct (today)– 2 days later and I went in again today to look at the site.
See attachment. Nothing has been done since and it needs a lot of work.

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I'd start by double-checking the terms of your contract. Is this Seller only designing the page (create a layout and appearance), or also suppose to build it (make a functioning web page)?

If sort-of sounds like they area subcontracting some of the work out. Were they open about this?


Type a list of everything that needs to still be done, per the original contract, then decline the delivery and paste the list in the 'revisions' box. If you want changes outside what was agreed on, you might have to pay extra, but that's why you need to check the terms you agreed to.


You can reach Fiverr's Customer Support here: https://www.fiverr.com/support_tickets/new

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