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Difference in the prices of my services in the search for the option: "Show me top-quality services for my budget".


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I am not sure if it is a "bug" or if it is an implementation of the platform. What I notice is that doing tests in the searches, as if it were a person who is not logged in to the platform (emulating what a buyer would do) using the search option: "Show me top-quality services for my budget" I enter the value, for example 20 USD and what I notice is that trying to find my service in the different results pages when I see it, it appears with higher prices than those configured by me.
For example, I have three service packages that start at 10 usd, 15 usd and the highest at 20 usd (this is my real prices configuration). What happens is that my service appears with a minimum value equal to the one I put in the search value, in this case 20 usd!!!. And the other packages with a difference between 5 and 10 usd more.
The question that these values I did not configure them like that, so there are two ways. Either it is an error(bug) of the platform or it is something done on purpose, and if this is the case, my question is: what happens with the difference in value between the real thing and what the platform increases? "Fiverr" keeps it ????? Fiverr gives me my 10 usd and the platform keeps 10 usd plus 20% ??? I hope it is a mistake from me or from the platform but if this is how it seems I think it is very unfair for the sellers. If someone knows something, I await their opinions or if I am making a mistake in something, please do not hesitate to let me know. Greetings!

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