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I was out of fiverr due to my exam and now i am back but not getting any orders. what to do?



hello dear team,
I am Prattaya; a student come freelancer from Bangladesh. I started freelancing on fiverr in 2020 and since then it has been my career of choice, with which i fulfil all my expenses and contributed to family. Thanks you so much fiverr.

I had my Semester Final exam last month. So for this reason, I choose not to take any kind of order on my exam period. I completed all kind of orders before exam and i was out from fiverr during those days.
Now, i am back and working aging but i am not getting orders like before. I used to have 3/4 orders each week but in last 14 days i have only got 1 order.  I am sending buyer requests properly, marketing out side of fiverr, in short doing proper marketing daily and regularly. But still not getting orders like before, 

What should i do now? 

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First of all I hope your final exams went well! As for getting back into fiverr, it may feel like you are starting back from square one again, but remember you have already gone through this before when you were new to the platform. Think about what worked for you then and what things you can do to improve your chances of getting orders. Fortunately you aren't starting from zero as you already have plenty of 5 star reviews to help you.

There is no easy fix to getting back to where you were before, it may take time and a bit of extra work to get there. Continue with what you are doing and look for areas that you can improve.

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