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What causes gig impressions to decrease?


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If you have not receive any order long time.

you need to share your gig in social media to get more visitors to your account

Always try to keep order in your gig

Create your gig in effective way

you check your gig if there have any difficulties rectify it.

Every day you will try to send minimum 10 buyer request

check your gig tags and title 

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Impressions can be decreased for many reasons. 

  • Perhaps the keyword you used in your profile don't have enough search terms
  • If the CTR get low, then fiverr will not promote your Gig to the potential buyers
  • If you failed to get traffic from social media or other platform then it may cause to decrease impressions.
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On 10/28/2021 at 2:09 PM, friends_team said:

Gig's link is forbidden here, Fiber will delete your gig........!!!!!!🙄🙄

What?! What with how many times people inappropriately spam their gigs in the forum, if only that were true...

Also, the OP providing a link to their gig in the 'Improve My Gig' or 'My Fiverr Gigs' subsection is permitted. 

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@smm_seo_expert9I see you are an SEO expert. As such you should have been getting sales since the day you joined. So, my question is, "Are you a genuine expert as you claim?

Secondly, if you bother to look at the link that @imagination7413posted, you will see that you have broke almost everyone of Fiverr's suggestions for what a good gig image is. 


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