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1 hour ago, rasaqgraphics01 said:

kindly share your best possible option on how to promote fiverr gigs's and get the best possible results.

You are going to have to figure that out on your own. That's part of your job as a freelancer. Go where your target customers are located, and find creative, meaningful ways to connect to those target customers, show them how you can solve there problems, and convince them to hire you.

There is no "best place to get the best possible results". There are no magical solutions that make marketing easy.

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23 minutes ago, freelancer_fahm said:

You have to be login(online) as much as you can 

it's make extra boost in your account and gigs 

How has being online 'as much as you can' been going for you @freelancer_fahm?
I can see you haven't yet received a single order, and I assume you'll have been following your own advice?

Can we please stop spreading false information in the forum. Being online bears no relevance on how your gig will perform. None at all.
I know, you've probably seen someone else say this, and this is why you need to ensure the information you're giving people is correct, and that you're qualified to give it. If we go around promoting bad advice that doesn't work, then other new sellers will take on said bad advice, and spread it further, creating a larger issue, and that's where these myths arise from. Before you take anyone's word for anything, fact check it. See how experienced the seller is.

Be a part of the solution, and not the problem 🙂

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