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hello everyone one. 
I’m Jacob.
a new member on Fiverr, I’m pretty experienced on everything has relation with writing articles and translation to four languages (German, Spanish, French and Arabic)…proofreader and editor. I’m also a great photoshop editor. Besides too many other experiences.
but, I spent too much days waiting for some orders but none. I need some orders please and some reviews. 
help me please and I’ll be thankful to you as long as I’m alive.
this is the link to get to my page :


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Translation service is a better option, as compared to Photoshop editing.

This is because 

1. Their is the advent of numerous online tools that would easily edit a picture or video with zero hassles.....

However, online translation tools are also available... But no bot can translate a language into another indigenous context... Which gives you an upper hand as a natural

2. The graphic design niche is heavily packed with professionals who have a more credible reputation as compared to you on 5r 

Moreso, Translation service is also a star-studded niche.. It offers better competing chance and edge as oppose Photoshop editing

NB... Do what's best for you

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Hi Jacob,

for a supposed experienced linguist such as yourself, your English could definitely use some work. Instead of being a jack of all trades and telling us how great you are, why not focus on one thing and do it properly? From what I can see, most of your gigs offer stolen copyrighted designs, which is really not a great way to introduce yourself as a professional.


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