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How to get first order in fiverr?


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For new i will sugest to remain maximum of time online and always optimize your profile with relvant searcable keywords. Am here on fiverr and i have completed 23 order till now and my gig are performing very well the reason behind is that i have always try to keep my account live and updated with time to time.

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2 hours ago, afsanawpexpert said:

hello, I am new in fiverr, can you tell me how to get first order in fiverr?  thanks...

Same here but would still let you know how did I get my initial orders. 

I continuously use the buyer request section and send offers on relevant requests. 

The most important thing while writing a proposal is using the correct words, information,  and language. 

You don't send templates on every request you encounter. Rather, write a dedicated and specific offer to each request you wish to answer. 


Once someone replies you back, make sure they don't go without doing the business with you. 


Make sure you understand their requirements and are capable of doing their job. 


A good work will ensure repeated business. 

I have so far done 9 orders and 6 out of them are from the same buyer. 

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