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Level 2 seller


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I became a level 2 seller on Oct 15th and I'm very happy!

It's been a very educative and interesting journey so far and I'm glad for every bit of it.

I've learned a lot, gained so much experience, and met a lot of professionals.


I'm Nigerian and it's not very easy for Nigerians to move up the Fiverr levels, due to various factors. One of which is the " Nigerian prince scare" which I totally get.

I was told by lots of people to give up on Fiverr, that as a Nigerian it would be hard to level up and to get orders.

I was also told that if I did get as far as level 1, I would be demoted right back to New seller.

So here I am at level 2 and I'm very glad that I didn't give up.

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