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Hello! I am new on Fiverr

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6 minutes ago, salimhasann said:

You can promote your gig on social media.

How is that going to improve your impressions? Impressions are the number of people who see your gig on the search results or the fiverr home page. If a user is clicking through from a social media post, it will not count as an impression or click on the system. Please stop posting the same "tips" over and over again across the forums.

@graphic_enhance I strongly recommend reading through the forum first before posting a question. This question is asked countless times a day.


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3 minutes ago, developerhazrat said:

You will sent everyday 10 buyer request and stay active online.

Incorrect. Please stop spreading mis-information and bad advice.

Staying online or active has zero effect on how your Gigs perform.
OP also asked how to get more impressions and clicks, sending buyer requests is not addressing the OP's question. Plus, the buyer request section is not the way to long term success as a freelancer on Fiverr. We should be setting up new sellers with the best practices and factual information. Not being a part of the problem sellers that spread myths on the forum, which will then lead to more and more people spreading the same poor advice.

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