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Buyers ordering things without contacting me first


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Hi there! I've recently started here on fiverr (about 2 months ago), and there is a huge problem I need someone to help me with. I work as a programmer here on fiverr, and I have just 1 package in my coding gig, called "Basic Scripts", or something like that. It's priced at 5$ USD, and I've made it pretty clear that I need to be contacted before any purchases. My profile description says it, my gig description says it, and my gig package description says it, but for some reason around 40% of my customers ignore/don't understand. This is kind of a big issue for me, as many of these customers fill up the requirements with dozens of different tasks, and since they chose the basic package, that only gives me 5$. I cannot do large tasks for only 5$, so most of these tasks I have to decline. Currently I have a 70%~ completion rate or something around that number. What should I do? Thank you for readingimage.png.63a52d665d6724e4b87c069f87b7f4ca.png.image.png.2b5f37c9fd4c6fb466f9a01a9efe2ee4.png

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Unfortunately there is currently no method to force buyers to message you before ordering. So you have to try other options.

  1. Significantly increase your prices to weed out buyers who are only ordering because they see the low price. (A lot of these buyers will not read your description)
  2. Use the packages functionality to break your gig into separate sections. This won't stop people from ignoring your description, but it will mean that hopefully buyers take a second to determine the correct pricing for their needs.
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Solution 1- increase your price a little. 

Solution 2- It's better to break down your gig into listed packages explaining what you have to offer in each.

Just saying "program something simple" is a very vague description.

Solution 3- Keep the price same, but offer Gig Extras on each package with extra cost.

After completing a few orders and receiving requirements you do know by know what are the things requested by the buyers that you can offer within your programming gig, so use these to list down as extras.


If you do all this, the buyers approaching your gig will be compelled to think before placing an order directly.

Because your gig will not be so vague as to the scope of services you offer.

The only culprit I see is your gig pricing description which says "something simple" which can have different meanings to different people.


Hope this helps ^-^

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