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Please help, Gig got denied



Hi fiverr community.

About a month ago, I decided to edit my gig from offering WordPress service to video animation explainer. I got denied from the explainer video category. 
Now I edited my gig back to WordPress with the same description content and everything else.

The problem is even when I edited my gig back to the WordPress category. I am still seeing my gig on the denied section each time.

I contacted support, Support team reviewed my gig and said best option create new gig.

My denied gig got 35+ review 4.9 rating.

Note: i didn't break any TOS. Denied reason is not uploading video but i already changed to wordpress category and not requires a video.

Please help.

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Your post is in the wrong category on the forum, please try and post in the correct categories to make it easier for other users to find information.

It could be that you are trying to change the gig's category to such a different category more than once. I'm not sure if its actually in the TOS, but don't you think it would be a bit deceiving to have a gig with 35+ reviews for one service and then change it to offer another service? Those reviews aren't relevant to the new service. I'm not sure exactly, so you could of course clarify this with Fiverr support. But I'd recommend just creating a new gig in the future.

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