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Suddenly low impression rate


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At the starting of this month my Gig was performing well probably not as like you but I was happy about that. After a week I decided to add a video to my gig as it is suggested from Fiverr. But from the day I uploaded the video my bad days started. I am very much tensed with this and can't stop blaming me to add the video.

Please try to help me.

How can I increase my Impression rate?



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Have you ever heard the phrase "correlation does not equal causation" ?

What it means is that just because two things happen at the same time, it does not mean that one caused another. Maybe one of your previous customers left a private review that wasn't favourable, maybe some seasonality effect impacted your niche? Maybe it was the reverse... perhaps someone new signed up and did such great work that they've risen in the ranks.

Of course... it could just be that your video has put off customers from clicking on your gig. You can verify that by just removing the video and seeing if your gig climbs again

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