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Hello ! I am a new seller on fiverr


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4 hours ago, akibzabed911 said:

then you have to stay online mostly.

4 hours ago, babukawsar said:

Promote your gigs.

1 hour ago, markters_club said:

Share your gig in social media

Stop with the repetitive spam of the exact same stuff. At worst its nonsense and at best its unhelpful for new sellers.

4 hours ago, arrony8064 said:

How can I get more click and impression on my gig ?

Arrony8064 if you are new here, I recommend searching through the forums first. There is plenty of useful information that can help you improve your gigs and get sales. I would recommend not to focus too much on impressions and clicks first, but instead focus on things you can directly change now (gig images, description, profile etc.)

Here are some good topics from the forums to start out:







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