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Good day. Today I have completed an Order for a Buyer (Fiverr Business client). Before proceeding with this order he asked for a call to communicate outside Fiverr and wanted to run the order inside though. Finally, everything went through the platform like as all the previous orders I have done here in Fiverr. Now for the 2nd order, he is asking for Whatsapp to discuss the project. Could anyone advise the best practice in this situation, please? I'm looking forward to your assistance.

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I do believe this email will help many members here.

Hi there Amin,

Nev is here from Fiverr Customer Support,

I will gladly explain this to you,

If you and another user communicate outside of Fiverr, we cannot review the communication, we have no control over what happens with that situation, and therefore we cannot properly assist or protect you.

We take all our users' safety and privacy very seriously, so we wish your identities outside of Fiverr to be kept anonymous. Therefore, sharing any type of contact information, such as Email addresses, s***e/IM usernames, telephone numbers, or any other personal contact details that may lead to outside communication is not permitted.

Of course, if that type of information is required for the completion of an order, it should be mentioned in the Gig description as well as on the order requirements. Also, please remember that only the requested information should be shared and to do it only via the order page.

Sellers who have a buyer who is a Fiverr Business user, or a Very Important Doer (VID) can send their buyers a Zoom link through the order page and through inbox messages.


Sellers who offer services in one of the categories listed below can send their buyers a Zoom link through the order page.


Note that this option will be available if the buyer is a Fiverr Business user or a VID buyer, or if the seller offers services in one of the selected categories.  It is not available for all sellers.


Please remember that to keep our community safe, all orders should be paid for and delivered through the Fiverr platform.  Communication with the buyer should be conducted through order messages or the Zoom link provided by Fiverr.  All calls will be recorded and saved in Fiverr’s system to be periodically reviewed, and these recordings may be requested by both parties involved.

Please let me know if I can assist you with anything else or if you have any further questions about the warning, as I am always here to help.

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