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Do I expect too much for $5?


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Hi Everyone,

So here it is. I own a website and we offer music reviews here on Fiverr. It takes two people probably a minimum of three hours work to complete the final product. Research, review, proof read, prepare, deliver.

I ordered a gig today, in fact, a Favicon, or Social Icon, if you want to call it that. The design I got back was less than impressive, I could have done that myself watching a YouTube tutorial, in fact, I did. I ordered the gig because I could never get my icon as crisp looking at 16 pixels as the Facebook or Twitter icons, but it came back almost exactly the same quality as the one I’d already produced.

Do I expect too much from Fiverr?

I see a lot of gigs with 1000 positive feedback ratings and think okay, I’ll try this one out. But in the end, it turns out to be an amateur product. I guess it just goes to show you have to be picky and go off their previous work examples.

What are your expectations of services on Fiverr and are you often disappointed? My expectation of Fiverr is this, “Wow, they’re offering their $500 service for only $5? This product is excellent!”. Not, “Wow, that $5 service was really only worth $5”.

Happy Fiverring!


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hey jeff

maaybe you do expect too mutch from some designers. iam designer by myselfe and i sometimes have to laugh about some people what they produced. By the way i studied computer sience and currenctly a second one Graphic Design i will be finished in July.

As example the most only using photoshop doing logos or social icons like you wanted. But, thats horrible noone in the world no graphic designer used photoshop doing sutch works they need a vector programm like Adobe Illustrator, but if you not learned to work with a programm like this you are not able to produce a great product. I can say people ordering my gigs always comm and say “Hey i just ordered from 2-3 different designers here and noone can do this”… for logos and icons you need a scalable file as end product so you not loss any informations or quality.

to come to your question. the most can do simple stuff but if it comes to stuff with details there not able to do that.

not all of them have no clue but what i see about 80% the others are people like me studie design or something like that. And there are also pretty good ones outside.

if you have one where you want to order, just ask if you can have a link to a portfolio soy ou can see what they are able to do.


ps.: hope my english was good enough ^^

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I guess indiemunity simply had a bad experience. You paid for a service it does not matter if were 5 or 500 usd, you should get a good service.

But ,know the limits of the gig, if it says design 4 letters in blue for example, do not pretend the guy is going to make 20 logos for that price. Or “minor” changes to those 20 logos everyday. That is as a seller I always encourage customers to contact me first, just to be a 100% clear that I will be able to help.

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“When buyers first arrive on Fiverr they are amazed at what they can buy for a mere $5. These people soon forget that everything costs only $5 and immediately expect $500 results. For example, how long do you expect me to work designing a logo when I’m only, in fact, receiving $4? Fifteen minutes if you’re lucky… It’s important for people to remember how much $5 actually is and for them to keep their expectations at that level.”


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Guest matt_garry

I ohnestly don’t understand why you would only ever want to pay them $5 no matter what job it is. I don’t want anyone to ever work for minimum wage. I know this site is called fiverr buts its a just a catchy hook I am sure if you asked 90% of level 2s what their average order is and I bet it is anywhere from $15-$30.

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I have bought some stuff here, and some of them were great, and I thought it was much

more worth than $5, so I gave them a tip. In other cases I was somewhat disappointed, but

I didn’t bother asking for a refund, I guess it was worth exactly $5.

On the other hand, me being a seller, if I can say so myself, some of my stuff are worth more than $5, and people have given me tips because of that.

There are more than 3 million gigs on Fiverr now, some good, some OK, some not so good,

some excellent. I guess it just depends! 😃

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Fiverr is a huge marketplace, so you’ll get the good, the bad and everything in between. I ordered a gig to have an ebook cover designed. The results were great. I was very, very happy.

Also, try going with a newer seller. Newbies usually overdeliver to get a good base of positive reviews. This is just my theory anyway.

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