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Different photo view when creating gig then when gig is active


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I am a newby and I have a lot to learn. Just created my first gig. I had major trouble getting my photo’s uploaded, and when I finally did get that sorted, it was showing the wrong part of the photo. It was impossible to drag the photo around so I could manually make sure the correct part is showing. I ended up creating photo’s with extra space underneath so that the right part was showing, if I was lucky.

But now that my gig has become active, it is showing a different view again with a smaller part of the picture visible. It means only a part of my stained glass piece is showing. It looks ridiculous 😦

Can anyone give me tips on how to get a good photo uploaded?


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Thanks for your comment, but that is exactly what I have done. It still looks different on the create or edit a gig page compared to the final active gig though.

Also, my cover photo looks much less sharp on the active gig compared to the create/edit page…

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