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Suddenly i am getting a few knock to give them work..


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Hello Everyone,

Hopefully everyone is great in this circumstances. I got level 2 in this month (alhamdulillah). Then i am getting knock around 2 people everyday to give them work.

If i check their profile , they dont even have gig. I dont know what are they trying to acheive.


Still i tried to give them a small Work, So that i can help them a little from my side to grow in this market place. And suddenly they are saying, "No, Give me other work, I dont want to Do this"

I am Like, Wow Man....Nice to have chat with You....


Is there anyone facing this type of thing.  And MOst of them are from India.

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Your heart is in the right place, but what they are doing is against Fiverr TOS. We are not allowed to contact other sellers unless it is for the purpose of ordering a service from them. For instance, web designers can order content from writers to complete their customer's orders. You can order any service from another seller, but what you can't do is contact other sellers asking them to send you work. 

As much as you want to help your fellow man or woman,  this is not something you want to do.  I get these requests, as do many other sellers.  I simply tell them that what they are doing is against the TOS, and they could get penalized if someone reports them. I also get requests for tips on making sales. I simply refer them to the forum and tell them to read everything here.

Congratulations on making level 2, and good luck to you!

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