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How can I set gig video thumbnail on my new gig video?



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Adjusting a Gig Video Preview (Thumbnail):

  1. While in Gig Edit mode, click Gallery.
  2. In the Gig Video section, click Edit.
  3. Click Play, pause the video on the desired frame, and then click Set as preview.
  4. Click Close.

Note: If you wish to adjust your video thumbnail, your video must be approved first.

Source: https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360010451657-Adding-a-Video-to-Your-Gig

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1 hour ago, dankorudric said:

Thanks man! But take it easy...
According to the link you sent I am not wrong.

fiverr tumbnail video.PNG

You wrote it

Unfortunately, you need to put the thumbnail at the top while editing your video. 😔

you need to set frame while exporting it, now you are sending something different.



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  • In the “Gig Gallery” area, you can add a video to your Gig by dragging and dropping a video or browsing for the file on your computer.
  • Please choose a video no longer than 75 seconds and less than 50 MB.
  • The allowed file formats are mp4 and AVI
  • The video must be in landscape mode.
  • click for more details https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360010451657-Adding-a-Video-to-Your-Gig 
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