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As a new seller how much time should spend on fiverr?


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14 minutes ago, ahsanur20 said:

I have seen people suggesting to spend more time on fiverr in order to get the first order or rank higher.

My question is that really true? If then how much time we should spend?

According to your experience share a quote.  

Spending more time on Fiverr will not affect how your gig ranks, or your likelihood of getting your first, or subsequent orders.

Buyers want to buy a gig from a seller because its a match for their needs. They have an excellent portfolio. They can show credibility. They offer a fantastic service. Their communication and gig description is great. Plus a number of other factors. A buyer isn't just going to see you're online and think, "Hey, I'll buy from this guy just because I can see he's online right now."
The vast majority of buyers don't ever use the 'show online' toggle anyway, as it isn't a deciding factor in their decision making when choosing a seller.

Also, 'ranking' is a fluid concept. There is no 'first page'. Gigs are shown to buyers on an individual basis, and varies from buyer to buyer. Fiverr takes into account their location, average spend, order history, plus many other datasets to determine which gigs they see when they search for a service.

Now, I'm not saying to not be pro-active when you do get messages from buyers. Of course, respond when humanly possible. By this I don't mean you have to respond to buyers in the middle of the night when you're trying to sleep. Just get back to them in the morning. That's what I do, plus many other long term, successful sellers, and their average response time is still under an hour, and they have no issues with getting orders.

Basically, just be online throughout your usual work day. You don't have to be sat in front of your computer 24/7, or panicking that you might have received a message from a seller on the Fiverr app on your phone and have to respond immediately. You have to have a healthy work / life balance. You have to sleep.

1 minute ago, zawad_zaif11 said:

You have to give 10 buyer request daily. There is no actual time limit that if you spend 24 hours then your gig will rank.You have to spend as much as you have time.the more you give time the more you will get your result.It will give an effect on impression.Thanks.

This is the exact myth that is going around the forum that 'u must be fiberr active 24/7 daily bro'.
No. 🤨
I'm not even getting started on your 'advice' that you must send 10 buyer requests a day either. But that's a different topic.
But you are just contributing to why the forum is in the state that it's currently in. Full of bad advice from sellers who aren't actually qualified to be giving advice from the same sellers that are here complaining that they haven't got any orders. We need to be making sure the information we're giving to others is correct, instead of actively being a part of the problem by spreading myths that more and more people will then go on and spread further.

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